Switch Mask

- Art Direction
- Product Design
- Package Design
- Logo Design
- Photography

Project Overview
The Switch Mask is an industry-revolutionary mask that enables divers to correct the water color while diving in different water conditions. I was involved in executing all creative and design aspects of the project: product conception, product design, product/lifestyle photography, art direction, and point-of-sale advertising. I was also responsible for concepting and designing all Switch mask accessories, such as high-end storage bags and a lense caddy system.


Colored filters change the way you see and experience your dive. As many U/W videographers already know, filters allow you to enhance warm colors that are naturally lost when the sunlight penetrates the water or make green water look blue. Our innovative Switch mask makes it easy to add or remove these amazing filters during your dive, so you can focus on what really matters underwater. Now you can see your dive like never before.